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Why I Started My Pole Dance Studio

In 2016, I made a decision that would change my life forever. I quit my 10-year corporate position to pursue pole studio ownership. People thought I was crazy, and did I (on the inside). But I knew it was something BIGGER Than me that was driving my decision.

The photo above, that is me. At the Power BAR Women's Fitness Grand Opening on May 20th, 2016. I had a packed house and a loaded vision. I was determined to make so many people proud and to make a difference in the lives of as many people as I could.

Why was this important to me? Because just 45 days prior to this photo I was purchasing my very first Pole Studio for $4K and I had cashed in all my 401K money to make it happen. I put everything on the line for the dream of entrepreneurship and women empowerment. I had finally found my passion. A place where I could make a difference, where what I offered could change someone's life and that was something that seat on the 7th floor of a corporate office could not provide me with.

I opened Power BAR because as an instructor and studio manager for two years, I watched woman after woman come into pole class with their heads low and confidence missing. They didn't like what they saw in the mirror, they hated their bodies, they felt a soured relationship was their fault and couldn't understand why he didn't want them, they couldn't seem to make any adult friends, and they were simply trying to find their way.

Once they came into the class and started challenging themselves in a positive environment they began to emerge from the ashes of low self-esteem. They felt they had a voice, they finally had a safe place to cry and be vulnerable, they found support and love in our pole class community, and this is what I wanted to be a bigger part of.

As a former divorced woman, who put all my hope in the "wife" dreams to have, to hold, to love until death do us part, I knew the pain of what having your husband walk out on you when you were 8 months pregnant could do. The pain in my heart from constant infidelity and emotional abuse. The way I felt it was my fault. If my butt was bigger, if I was more submissive, If I was prettier maybe I could have made him happy. All the tragic thoughts we can often have to try to make sense of why relationships failed. What I came to realize is that it had nothing to do with me on the outside, but what I believed about myself on the inside.

When I began to work on myself, increasing my confidence and having a higher level of self-respect my life improved. I saw the direct correlation between confidence and success. Self Esteem and Good Living. Confidence opens more opportunities than money ever can. What you believe about yourself even in the midst of ridicule and isolation is the only thing that matters.

The best part is... that is an area that only we control.

Fast forward again to the studio and how it relates is because I saw this same association between broken women who walked in one way, then left confident after taking pole classes regularly. Women who made a conscious decision to self-improvement through a pole studio membership. To face what they see in the mirror, identify their fears, and change what they can with other like-minded people, free of judgement.

I saw social skills improving - shy women were no longer shy anymore because they found community. I saw more entrepreneurial endeavors - people who never thought they could ever teach pole were taking the pole instructor classes and hosting lessons. I saw voids being filled - people were making lifelong friendships even as adults.

This was a movement.

To see person after person shapeshift their life into a stronger tomorrow it was something I wanted to get behind and stay behind. Yes, learning pole and teaching pole is fun, but the roots ran much deeper for me. Pole Fitness was the vehicle, but the movement was the gas.

I knew that the space I envisioned would never be forgotten. I knew that the community I would create would be engrained in the lives of those who experienced it forever. I wanted to help thousands realize their POWER.

Whether that power was being a dedicated pole student and taking control of a healthy lifestyle or going on to own a pole studio for themselves, I committed to pioneering the way. I am happy to say that I have realized all of those gifts. To be a part of many people's lives, to inspire them, to uplift them, to coach them has been the greatest gift that owning a pole studio has kept giving.

So, this is why Power BAR Women's Fitness was founded. To empower the lives of others using the platform of pole dance fitness.

Not for money and not for fame - but for the underdogs. If I could help just one person grow this journey has all been worth it. If I could have provided a space where someone could find their best friend, I knew it would make me proud. If I could have helped a shy and timid woman turn into an entrepreneurial success, I have found my reward.

If you are desiring to start a Pole Dance Business, I encourage you to uncover your why. Make it the reason you get up and try every day. Put it first before money or clout. All other reasons fade but making a difference in the lives of others never will.

If you would like to learn more about POWER BAR WOMEN'S FITNESS please visit us online.

Until next time,

Coach Tee

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