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The Pole Boss Blog

Welcome to My blog! 

Where you will find my opinion about various topics birthed from my experience within the Pole Dance Industry. 

I hope something you find resonates with you. If so, be sure to like and comment!


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What you need to know before you start your own pole dance business

A pole dance business can make you over $100,000 in yearly revenue. How so? Let’s do the math.

Assume each class costs $30 to $40, and you have at least ten students attending these classes.


That way, you are making...

Why Hard Work AKA Hustle Is Never Enough

Have you ever heard the term going nowhere fast? That is hard work without a plan. That is throwing everything you have at the wall and hoping it sticks. that is moving forward without intention... 

And we ALL have been there, but we do not need to stay there. I know when thinking about entrepreneurship we think - I Need a Business Plan "But You DON'T" need something that in depth to find success. You Do however need to know what SUCCESS looks like. 

Why I think EGO is the downfall of the Pole Industry

I am just going to go ahead and say it and because I have been in this industry for 12 years, I feel I can - EGO runs ramped in the Pole Dance Industry. Then the EGO breeds "vicious cliques" not just on the student level, but on the level of Pole Instructors and Studio Owners. 

Now don't get me wrong... not all EGO is created equal. Some is for the betterment of the industry, and some is really working against it. How can a place of so much empowerment become a bloodbath of entitlement and objectivity?

That Time I Fired a Pole Client! And Why I would Do It Again.

I am a big proponent of Business Owner Rights. Just because we are in the service industry does not make us a doormat to be treated rudely, with malice, or disrespect. When you build a brand of putting client's first, some may see this as a pass to get whatever they want from you. 

In my 6-year tenure as a business owner, I have had to fire 3 clients because they had become cancerous the culture and were maliciously attempting to impede on my business growth. 

In class spreading falsities, soliciting other members of the studio to go to another pole studio while saying my studio was not good enough, and keeping contention stirred up on social media... Aht Aht - You Must Go! 

This is the prime example of why All Money is NOT Good Money. I realized I had to do a few things to prevent this from happening in the future...

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