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Learn as You Grow.
Grow Because You Learn.

pole boss instructor training

TOP earners are learners who invest in their ongoing education. Not only is it a proven fact that the more knowledgeable you are about your profession the more money you make, but it was tested in my businesses as well. I grew exponentially, avoided a lot of mistakes, and was able to identify opportunity that I otherwise would not have been able to if I didn't invest in my business education. It was worth EVERY Penny! Coach Tee

"Be a Professional Pole Instructor Course" 

"Be a Professional Pole Instructor" Course

If you want to turn your pole dancing talent into profit by teaching professionally lead pole classes then this course is for you. 

- Get the proven blueprint on how to create your pole program - to include content and pricing!

- Learn how to attract and retain top tier loyal clients who help promote your brand!

- Grow a reputable 5 star brand FAST and attract more opportunities to you in the pole dance fitness industry with deep dive lessons on sales and marketing!

- Protect your brand with smart sound operational standards that will have you being a top respected pole dance instructor!

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"Pole Party Hosting Bootcamp"

Claim your piece of the billion-dollar entertainment industry by learning how to throw premium Pole Dance Parties and get paid BIG!

April 10th - April 14th 2023
7pm - 8pm

"Pole Party Bootcamp"

Kickstart your journey in the MOST PROFITABLE pole service industry by becoming a CERTIFIED Pole Party Host TODAY! Don't miss the opportunity to excel and make your mark in this thriving business!

- Get Coach Tee's PROVEN blueprint on how to host professional FIVE STAR parties in the most efficient way possible. The SAME way her Pole Party company made 6 FIGURES!!

- Learn how to structure pole party sessions for optimal time management and maximum FUN that BOOSTS your reputation!

- Learn the secrets on how to get party goers to TIP BIG, REBOOK, and REFER you business so you STAY BOOKED!

- Gain MONEY MAKING knowledge on how to market and sell Pole Dance Parties in your local area for maximum professional growth!

Pole Business Group Learning MASTERMIND

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A Message From Teresa Saffold,
Polepreneur™ Founder

WHY WORK WITH TERESA SAFFOLD, Founder of The Polepreneur™?


I will never teach something to you that I have not done myself, and with over 12 years of being in the Pole Industry, I’ve not only done a lot, but seen a lot as well.

I have heavily invested my life into the Pole Industry, through money, time, sacrifices, physical, mental, and emotional efforts. I’ve been a full-time pole entrepreneur since the year 2016 when I walked away from a 10-year banking career making the most money that I had ever made in my life to cash out my 401K and bet it all on my studio dreams.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to open 7 different pole studios in 6 different cities. I’ve trained hundreds of Coaches and Thousands of Students. I’ve thrown some of the BIGGEST SOLD-OUT Pole Dance Fitness Events and most talked about pole parties.

I took multiple members of my team under my leadership, mentored them, coached them, then sold them the assets of my studios so they could start their own pole dance studio business. I have directly influenced many others who worked for me to start their own pole businesses.

I’ve formulated a proven pole fitness program that works to attract the right target market, gives them results, and keeps retention which drives the studio revenue.

I have built small, medium, and large teams that allowed me the fluidity to focus ON the business building aspect VS. being in the business and staying stagnant.  The team delegation gave me the freedom that I sought as an entrepreneur.

 I understand how to compartmentalize your offers, create add-ons, sticky high value products and services to earn maximum money for your business and then reinvest that money to earn more. In my first full year of studio ownership, I hit 6 figure earnings.

I then went on to hit over a quarter of a million in gross sales as a studio owner multiple years in a row and even GREW in revenue during the Pandemic Year 2020 that took many service-based businesses out.  

My brand and I have worked with some of the most amazing and highly influential bloggers, podcasters, business owners, youtubers, radio personalities, health and fitness influencers, and high-profile celebrities.

My Pole Industry works have been published across the internet and even at times gone viral. I have spent over 50K in business education to be mentored by the BEST of the BEST, to include multi-millionaires like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Spectacular Smith, Les Brown, and MORE.

I have built not one, two, three, but four largely recognized Pole Brands across the industry and NOW I DEEPLY DESIRE TO HELP BUILD YOURS!


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