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A Step-By-Step Guide That’ll Turn Your Pole Business Idea into a Grand Opening and Start Your Entrepreneur Journey with Sound Operations, a Business Plan, and a Winning Team Focused on Attracting Your Top Clients

Are you ready to finally open your Pole Dance Studio but don’t know how to form a company, find software, what questions to ask when looking for a place to lease, unsure about how to set prices that cover expenses and give you a profit, struggling to build clients, and maybe even hate marketing because you feel overwhelmed by it?


"Teresa Saffold's book, How To Open A Successful Pole Dance Studio, is nothing short of extraordinary. Teresa's expertise and passion for pole dancing shine through every page of this meticulously crafted guide. Her clear and concise writing style makes complex concepts easy to grasp, and her systematic approach to studio setup and management is a game-changer for anyone in this business.

What sets this book apart is its practicality. Teresa doesn't just provide generic advice. She offers actionable steps, real-world examples, and invaluable insights that have the potential to turn your dream into a thriving reality. From business planning and marketing strategies to studio design and customer engagement, Teresa covers it all, leaving no stone unturned.

This book is a must-read for anyone with a passion for pole dancing and a dream of entrepreneurship. I wholeheartedly recommend it to aspiring studio owners, and I can't wait to see the positive impact it has on the pole dancing community."

Melissa Mitchell

In How to Open a Successful Pole Dance Studio, Teresa Saffold, affectionately known as Coach Tee teaches you quick and easy-to-follow steps on how to work your way through the pole business building system. She mentors you on every page to caution you about what you should avoid and to steer you in the ways to go as she shares her years of experience gleaned from building 7 pole studios in various cities.

Coach Tee is passionate about business operations, efficiencies, and PROFIT.

She understands the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into building a mega Pole Brand and she is giving you insider knowledge on how to get to success faster. When you listen to a mentor, you are learning more from their mistakes than you are their successes and in How to Open a Successful Pole Dance Studio Coach Tee shares all!

This is a MUST READ and MUST KEEP book for every single Pole Business Owner if you want to experience REAL growth, REAL profit, and REAL entrepreneurial freedom!

Bachelorette Pole Party E Book Cover_Pole Boss Series.png

Do You Currently Own or Want to Start a Pole Dance Business?

With every year that passes Pole Dancing is growing as a way to make money either part-time or full-time. This fun and lucrative business has little overhead and can be ran after normal business hours, making it the perfect side hustle.

The greatest part of it all is that it is the perfect fit for creatives who love to pole dance. If you’re already a pole dancer and you’re good at it, then the “BACHELORETTE POLE PARTIES Double Your Pole Busi
ness Income” eBook is going to be your guide to earn income doing what you love.

Couple pole dancing with the billion-dollar wedding industry and you have pure magic. What bride-to-be doesn’t want to learn how to be extra sexy on her honeymoon night? What maid of honor isn’t looking for a non-traditional way to celebrate the VIP?

Mix these two needs together and solve the party planning dilemma with your amazing pole skills. Throw Bachelorette Pole Parties on the go or in a pole studio and start earning extra income today!

Pole studio owners can carve out a small portion of their pole class schedule and add in this specialty package option. Solo pole dance enthusiasts can purchase a stage pole or portable pole and build out a mobile pole party business service.

This eBook “BACHELORETTE POLE PARTIES Double Your Pole Business Income” is going to give you the startup advice you need with valuable resources that will increase your income with every pole party booked!

Quick marketing tips, package ideas, pricing help, and MORE!!!


Order Your Copy of “BACHELORETTE POLE PARTIES Double Your Pole Business Income” and take your side income to ANOTHER LEVEL.

Learning How to Pole Dance is an exciting adventure and a very big world to journey into.


All of the excitement a beginner pole dancer will feel can be immensely renewing and invigorating.

Once a student grabs a hold of the dance pole there is a certain commitment that takes place within where they vow to become the greatest pole dancer that they can be. As you learn how to pole dance there will be many victories and many challenges. Some may not even try pole dancing because of that. Although Pole Dancing can look intimidating and sometimes be very challenging you will be happy to know that there are things you
can do to improve your pole performance and speed up your progress.

This Book, "Simple Tips to Get Better at Pole Dancing" Fundamental Pole Advice for Beginners, will cover core principles that support a strong and long-lasting progression for any pole dancer.

The topics covered could be the difference in being an average pole dancer or a professional pole dancer! If you are ready to start your pole dancing journey with a solid foundation, then this is a MUST READ!


Introducing the NEW Pole Boss Book edition, 'What Level are we on:


A Simple Guide on Classifying Pole Tricks,' the essential resource for pole dancers, instructors, and studio owners seeking to properly classify pole dance tricks.

This comprehensive guide makes learning pole dancing easier, more systematic, and safer by providing clear guidance on ensuring you progress at the appropriate level.

Inside, you'll find 90 meticulously curated pole tricks to incorporate into your pole dance curriculum, categorized by skill level. Benefit from expert progression tips that will help you smoothly transition to the next level, as well as sample warm-up and cool-down routines tailored specifically for pole dancers.


This invaluable guide takes the guesswork out of classifying pole dance tricks, making it a must-have resource for anyone involved in the pole dance industry. Embrace a systematic approach to learning and teaching, ensuring that your pole dancing journey is both safe and enjoyable.


Don't miss out on this game-changing book – elevate your pole dance skills and unlock your full potential today!


The BAR Babes Pole Journal provides a balance of reflection, planning, and celebration. The BAR Babes Journal offers guided writing prompts so that even on your hardest days you can stay honed in on what really matters in getting to your desired goal.


Documenting your pole fitness progress can narrow down your mistakes, speed up your learning, and help you identify what matters most to you in your pole journey at every phase.

While videos and photos taken during pole class are important tools to reflect on, so is journaling.


In fact, it has been documented and widely reported by the Insider that journaling strengthens memory and improves optimism. Both very vital benefits to Pole Dancing. As if that was not proof enough of why you should be journaling, Web MD listed journaling as an activity that improves awareness.


Awareness, Memory, and Optimism are three paramount characteristics every Pole Dancer should have along the way of learning how to pole dance.


  •  Hard Cover and soft matte pages filled with Vibrant Colors and Large Print

  •  Covers 90 days no matter what pole fitness level you are at

  •  Positive Mindset Statements and Confidence Tips to encourage you right when you need it

  • Post class Mood Tracker

  • Self-care list, Happiness Reflection, and Notes to Self sections

  •  Multiple guides for creating routines from moves you learn along the way

  • Class and Outfit planning to keep you engaged in your pole planning

7 Deadly Mistakes of Hiring for Small Business by Teresa Saffold.jpg

Who would build a ship, load it with precious cargo, name it something super sentimental, then lay out on the deck as their newly hired boat hand sinks the entire operation?

No one!

Well that is exactly what you are doing as the captain of your business with every single bad hire you let into your company.

A bad hire is like a bull in a china shop, breaking everything in their path. They will put a dark cloud over your operations, clients, staff, revenue, and your progression forward. You will find yourself trying to stop the bleeding and begging for mercy.

If not dealt with or if worse, you continue these bad habits in the hiring process you will find yourself resenting your dream.

That is the DEATH of an Entrepreneur.

Running back to a 9-5 with your tail tucked between your legs begging for the mundane water cooler excitement.

This mini but mighty book is here to act as a usable guide every time you are executing the hiring process in your company.

Whether this is the very first hire you are ever making, or you have been running around the mountain of hire and fire for years, let this book act as a referee on candidate B.S.

Hiring slowly and firing quickly is not a business gimmick. It is a rule of success.

If you want to get to success faster, while you help save other people's feelings from the firing process then read, study, and use this book accordingly.

Are you a new entrepreneur making your way in the world of business?

Have you found it to be a challenge and need some expert advice on a range of topics?

Starting a new venture at any time is a challenge and a daunting prospect. The chances of failure are as high today as they have ever been, but there is tangible and solid advice that never goes out of fashion when it comes to running a business.
In this book, 100 Commandments for the Millennial Entrepreneur: Key Principles Every Business Owner Should Follow, you will find just that advice, contained in a series of sayings and written in a proverbial style, that will help you to understand the mechanics of running a business, with advice on things like:

How to successfully run and manage your business
Why paying yourself first will equal success
The importance of competing on value and not battling it out in price wars
Old tried and true business wisdom that is still pertinent in the millennial world
And much more…

There are 100 easy to read sayings that are both motivational and educational, sure to provide the advice that would usually be contained in much larger books, broken down in just a few bite-sized nuggets.

So, if you are currently in the throes of entrepreneurial spirit and feel like you might have lost your way, or have been in business for yourself for years and need to pivot into a fresh millennial way of doing business - 100 Commandments for the Millennial Entrepreneur is a book you really should be reading right now.


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