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Coach Tee | Teresa Saffold

An inspiring pole industry veteran ready to help dance fitness businesses be their best

Corporate Office | Dallas Texas


Instagram: @ThePolepreneur


2009 - 2014
Pole Student to Certified Pole Instructor

2014 - 2016
Pole Instructor and Studio Manager 


Following the birth of my second child, I found myself yearning for self-discovery and empowerment, which led me to the enchanting world of pole dancing. Eager to embrace my strength and worth, I attended an open house at a local Dallas, TX studio, and it was love at first sight. The thrill of that first encounter ignited a passion within me, and before long, pole dancing classes became an integral part of my life.

However, as I continued to blossom in my newfound passion, I found myself grappling with guilt for spending time away from my family and dipping into our savings to fund my classes. Refusing to let these obstacles deter me, I resolved to merge my love for pole dancing with a means to contribute financially by teaching this beautiful art form to others. My determination guided me toward obtaining a certification that would bestow upon me the expertise to uplift and inspire others on their own journeys of fitness and self-discovery.

With every spin, every graceful movement, I found a renewed sense of purpose and a path to not only support my family but also to empower others to discover their own strength and resilience through the transformative power of pole dancing.

In 2014, I embarked on a life-changing journey as I began my certification as a pole instructor at Poleiticians in Dallas, Texas. My goal was to absorb every aspect of teaching, from hosting pole parties to leading beginner pole classes, hip hop dance classes, fitness classes, floor dance classes, and pole fitness level classes. Driven by my passion for the art and my desire to inspire others, I devoted countless hours to refining my teaching style and discovering my unique strengths.

Over time, my hard work and dedication paid off as I created sold-out workshops at every opportunity, captivating the hearts of both newcomers and experienced pole enthusiasts. I actively participated in more open houses than I can remember, spreading the joy of pole dancing and drawing in a growing community of eager learners.

My journey didn't end there; I decided to leverage my professional background in business management to contribute even further to the pole studio. With the owner's blessing, I took on the role of pole studio manager. In this position, I coordinated captivating events, nurtured client relationships, increased sales of classes, and provided training and support to both new and current pole instructors. My passion for teaching and my dedication to the pole community continue to shape my life and the lives of those I have had the privilege of teaching.


The Polepreneur™ Brand is focused on pole brand ownership education. Think of it as your mentor. A mentor is someone who has been through things so that you don’t have to. The Polepreneur model is designed to give advice based on REAL Industry Experiences and provide actionable education to pole brands that will help them see:

  1. An Increase in Revenue

  2. An Increase in Time Freedom

  3. An Increase in Marketability

  4. An Increase in Brand Recognition

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