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Thank you for trusting me to be your Pole Industry Mentor. A little about me - Coach Tee, is that I am ultra-passionate about entrepreneurship and the freedom of life and creativity it brings us. My style of mentorship is to create as much life freedom for you as possible, while you earn a successful income and create a legacy brand. I do not believe in working just to work. I believe everything we do should be intentional and efficient while producing max benefit. Once you book your sessions with me you will step into outside the box thinking and big picture planning.

I know you are READY! 

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What is Included in 1:1 Mentorship

  • Each Session is One Hour (60 Minutes)

  • Sessions are held Virtually on Zoom (Camera Must be on)

  • Your Sessions are Recorded, and You will Receive a Copy of the Recording via email once it becomes available

  • Each Session Covers 1-2 Topics that You designate You Need Help with at the Time of Booking

  • You will be guided by Coach Tee on those topics as time permits and given specific action to take by a deadline

  • You will be listened to, challenged, and advised to help you better prioritize your goals for a faster outcome

  • You will be given time within the session to ask clarifying questions

How To Get the Most Out of Your Sessions

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  • Only Book Sessions when you are not going to be distracted (around others, at work, driving, etc)

  • Always show up to each session with a notepad and pen to take million-dollar notes

  • Show up on time to each session with an Open Mind

  • Be committed to getting the results you want by committing to take the action Coach Tee tells you to take

  • Ask specific questions that can help you obtain the results you want

  • Take control of your mindset and perception. Eliminate Limiting words such as "I Can't", "I'll Try"... 

  • Do the WORK. Implementation is WHERE success lives

1:1 Mentorship Rates with The Polepreneur™


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Get Your First One Hour Session for $99 (SAVE 40%)

Still Have Questions?

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