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I Help You Start and Grow Your Pole Business 

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Coach Tee is the "The Polepreneur".


Her pole industry advice comes from over 12 years of hands-on Pole Industry Experience and not out of a book.


From the opening of 7 pole studios, starting her own pole product brand, building a five-star team, crushing the pole party game with more than 6 figure earnings, and even attracting celebrity attention to her brand she has the lessons to teach YOU!


You get a UNIQUE, RAW, ENTERTAINING perspective on how to build a pole brand that sticks. 


You also will be guided continuously on how to avoid pitfalls that trap many aspiring pole business owners.

The Polepreneur™ offers a variety of ways to get involved in your own success: 

  • Monthly Memberships | The Pole Boss™ Club

  • Quarterly Group Masterminds

  • One on One Mentorship

  • Online Courses

  • Pole Business Books

  • Free Online Content

"Thank you so much for all your direction and support.  You have made a huge difference to me and how I operate my business.  You’ve also helped me believe I can go BIG!" Annette S. | Studio Owner, New York


Get the Clarity and Advice You Need To Fill Up Your Classes


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Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Because The Polepreneur™ training will give you easy to understand advice that teaches you how to set up your pole studio operations, avoid industry nuisances, build a team that helps you grow your pole dance business and all things to make the best of the resources and capital you have on hand.

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Find Freedom to Work on Your Business

The Polepreneur™ training is about operating a Pole Business and not a Pole Hobby. If you started your own pole brand because you wanted it to give you time freedom, then partnering with The Polepreneur™ is for you. Learn how to leverage automation, a team, and scale to give you more life freedom while doing what you love.

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Build a BIG Brand

What is the use of having a solid brand that no one knows about? You put in the hard work and NOW it is time to let your light shine so you can serve as many clients as your heart desires. The joy of being an educator in the pole industry is sharing your expertise with many. The Polepreneur™ trainings are going to teach you how to define your message, find your brand voice, and share it with the world.

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